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What are circle lenses?


Circle lenses,
also known as "big eye" contact lenses, are special cosmetic contact lenses that make the eye's iris appear larger. This product was invented in South Korea. Such circle contact lenses are generally used among females and sometimes males to give a more beautiful appearance to the eyes, and an overall more youthful look.

Circle lenses were originally used solely by Korean celebrities before being sold as a product available to the general population in East Asian nations. Currently circle lenses are not yet sold in store shelves in the US and other western nations and can only be purchased from online sellers like KawaiiLoveBeauty.com.

Blue and brown circle lenses

Circle Lenses versus conventional cosmetic contact lenses: Circle lens contacts have the color covering a majority of the contact, causing the color to go beyond the iris and manipulating the ratio between the iris and the eye, thus, the appearance of a larger iris. It comes in a variety of colors and effects. The diameter of the circle lens is the same as conventional contact lenses, on average 14mm (more than 2mm longer than the average iris diameter). The feature of circle lenses that make them different from conventional colored contacts is that the color printed on the lens extends further out on the lens, covering more of the iris when worn. This creates a doe-eyed or doll-like effect that makes the wearer's eyes appear brighter, larger and more attractive. The lenses themselves range from natural-looking colors to special effects, suitable for everyday wear or cosplay, etc.

Geo Medical is the only Korean brand that manufacturers circle lenses that are US FDA approved [510(k)], and meet international standards of quality and safety. KawaiiLoveBeauty.com carries 100% authentic Geo Medical brand circle lenses.

Before and After wearing circle lenses (Geo Angel Green and black circle lenses):

Before and after Geo Angel Green circle lenses

Before and after Geo CM-836 black circle lenses

Before and after black circle lenses

Geo Medical/AngelColor brand circle lenses featured in issues of Japanese magazines Popteen, Happie Nuts and Egg:

Circle lenses in magazines

Popteen circle lens model

Filipino-French gaijin J-Pop star Leah Dizon is famous for wearing circle lenses for her signature cute eyes:

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