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Lens Care

Proper insertion/removal of lenses:




For the continued safe and comfortable use of your lenses, it is important that you follow the instructions given to you by your Eye Care Practitioner.  Failure to follow the correct lens care regime may result in the development of serious eye problems.

Cleaning and rinsing are essential for the removal of mucus, secretions, and deposits that may have accumulated during use. Do this immediately after removing your lenses and prior to disinfection. Harmful germs can only be removed by cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting.


The following tips will help ensure the safety and health of your eyes:

 Use fresh, unexpired lens care solutions.
 Always wash and rinse your hands thoroughly before you handle your lenses.
 When using new lenses, make sure to soak them in contact lens solution for at least 4-6 hours before wearing them for the first time.
 To avoid getting your lenses mixed up, always apply (or remove) your lenses, one at a time, in the same order.
 Never use eye drops or solutions that aren’t specifically for soft contact lenses.
 Never rinse your lenses in tap water, since tap water can contain many impurities that can contaminate or damage your lenses and may lead to eye infection or injury.
 Put each lens into the correct chamber of the lens storage system and make sure they are completely immersed in the storage solution when they are not being worn. If lenses are left out for long periods, they may dry out and become brittle.
 Never put your lenses in your mouth or use anything other than the recommended solutions for lubricating or wetting your lenses.
 Never sleep in your lenses (unless you wear lenses that are specifically designed for continuous wear and your eye care professional has prescribed them for that wear schedule).
 Clean, rinse and disinfect your lenses every time you remove them.
 Keep all your solution bottles tightly capped when you’re not using them.
 Don’t let the tip of solution bottles touch any surface (including your fingers, eyes or lenses).
 Never re-use lens solutions.
 Never swap lenses with someone else.
 Seek the advice of your Eye Care Practitioner if your lenses are to be stored for extended periods. Since lens cases can be a source of bacteria, after use they should be emptied, cleaned and rinsed with recommended sterile solutions and allowed to air dry.
 Never use tap water to rinse your lens case.
 Replace your lens case every three months (or more frequently), as advised by the lens case manufacturer or your Eye Care Practitioner..
 Don’t let cosmetics like soap, makeup, moisturizers or sunscreen touch your lenses.
 Never wear your lenses when you’re going to be around irritating fumes or vapors (paint, hairspray, oven cleaner, etc.)
 Don’t swim or go in a hot tub while wearing your lenses.



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